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easyLog’s care home solutions bring efficiency and greater accuracy to record-keeping and admin, enabling you to concentrate on management and your staff to focus on care. The solutions are modular, so you can build your own system to suit your individual business and budget.


The core module is care-Log+, our specialist care record management and administrative software application for care homes. This can be used in conjunction with tablet PCs to provide an exceptionally user-friendly tool for care staff to record and view care records while they work around the home. care-Log+ links with any of our e-Log staff scheduling and employee management range to automate the process of timesheet management, rotas and payroll analysis. We also now offer a Carer App option that makes using the software even easier for your staff.

We have created care-Log+ with the key design principles required by our clients in mind:

welcome to care home management

add employee management tools with Care Studio

at the heart of the range is care-Log+

efficient record keeping and staff admin for every budget

Care Studio combines the record-keeping and admin benefits of care-Log+ with a selection of modular options from easyLog’s e-Log staff scheduling and timesheet management range. All you have to do is choose the modules you require. You can find out how one of our clients implemented the system in this case study.

Click here to find out about our new NFC app that allows you to use a tablet computer as both a clocking device and care record management tool.

show CQC you deliver person-centred care

Your own high standards of providing person-centred care will be fully documented when you implement care-Log+ as your care record management system. care-Log+ helps you collect and present the evidence for the Outcomes required by the CQC standards in record management and person-centred care and support.

Click here to read how care-Log+ helped one of our clients in a recent CQC inspection.

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